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Come Celebrate Lucia Dec 5

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Date: Saturday, Dec 5First Baptist Church777 S 1300 E, SLC

Time: 6:30) PM Lucia Program (Sanctuary) Note the time change!!

Admission: Adult: $6 – Child: $4 (4-16) If you join SHS for 2016, you get the member price.
Members of SHS: Adult $4/Child $2

Come hungry and enjoy dinner catered by Copper Grill”.

Dinner will be served from $4:30PM-6PM. Dinner will not be served after the program.

Adult: $13 – Child: $8 (10 & under)
If you join SHS, you get the member price.
Members of SHS: Adult $11/child $7 (10 & under)

See Lucia and her Starboys and get in the spirit of Christmas! The program will be extra special as we will be having the program in a church and will be using real candles. (Arrive early; the doors will be closed during the Lucia procession.)  Dance your socks off.  Visit with Santa and shop till you drop.

Come Prepared to buy your Christmas gifts and traditional favorite foods and brands! The Swedish Store will be filled with many NEW items. Store hours: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM.The Swedish store will also be open after the Program.

We will be stocked with Swedish cheeses (Hushållsost (Farmer’s cheese),Prästost, Herrgård, Havarti, etc.), Kalles Kaviar, Abbas sill pickled herring, knäckebröd (crisp bread) several varieties, Saffran (Saffron),Odense marzipan plain & chocolate, vaniljsocker, pärlsocker (pearl sugar), saft (drink concentrate), glögg (traditional Christmas drink),julmust (traditional Christmas drink), (Marabou choklad (several different varieties), Swedish candy, limpa breadlussekatter (traditional saffron buns)wienerbröd, other baked items
and MUCH more!

The Swedish Store is a fundraiser for the Swedish Heritage Society. We appreciate your support in helping us further Swedish culture and traditions in Utah, like our annual Lucia Celebration.

Hope to see you there!

Allt för Sverige – Season 5, Episode 1

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

This year on the Swedish reality show “Allt För Sverige”, there is a contestant from Utah. Here is the web site for the show: Allt För Sverige.

Pre-Christmas store

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

We will have our pre-Christmas store open this coming Saturday, November 7, from 5-7pm at the Cottonwood Presbyterian Church, 1580 East Vine Street (about 6100S), in Salt Lake City, UT 84121.The store will be open in conjunction with The Scandinavian Dancing Fall Fest. There will be easy access to the store – no stairs. You can come and dance or watch the dancers and listen to the music, as well. This is FREE of charge for the Saturday night dance which starts at 7 PM.  Here is a partial list of food and candy items we have in stock:Julmust – Traditional Christmas drink
Marabou chocolate (nougat, milk, nut, fruk t& mandelapelsin…)
Svensk vinäger – Swedish vinegar
Julkorv (potato sausage, part of the traditional Christmas smörgåsbord)
Lutfisk (frozen)
Kalles Kaviar
Abbas traditional herring
Grebbestads anchovies
Lingon & svartvinbars-saft – lingon berries & blackcurrant drink concentrate
Felix smörgåsgurka – cucumber chips
Oboy (the best cold or hot chocolate milk mix, less sweet)
Saturnus Glögg - concentrate in bottle
Nyåkers pepparkakor – these are the best tasting gingersnaps
Knäckebröd – several Leksand/ Siljans varieties crisp bread – the best there is
Grötris – the best rice for rice “pudding”
Sylt – jams – blueberry, black current, cloudberry
Ekströms nyponsoppa & blåbärsoppa – rosehip & blueberry soup
Ekströms vaniljsås vanilla sauce (a must with apple pies/cakes and much more)
Ost (cheese) – prästost, herrgårdsost, Västerbotten, Gouda, hushållsost (Farmer’s cheese)
(candy) –  gelehallon, lakritsfiskar, Ahlgrens bilar, polkagrisar, chokladdoppade skumbananer and moreFor your Christmas baking needs:
Vaniljsocker – vanilla sugar
Potatismjöl – potato starch
Sirapljus & mörk (syrup – light & dark)
Pärlsocker– pearl sugar
Saffran – saffron
Odense Marzipan
Kokosfett (coconut fat) PalminWe will also have the following baked items:
Preorders strongly recommended. Please preorder by Friday evening.
Wienerbröd (Danishes)
(vanilla filled sweet rolls)
Kardemummabullar (Cardemom rolls)

For our Norwegian friendsSolo – orange flavored drink
Ekte Geitost – 100% goat’s cheese
Ski Queen 50%