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Swedish Heritage Society
c/o Les DeYoung
1152 W 4390 S #43C
SLC, UT 84123

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Oskar Stenmark, I come from Sweden and represent a legacy of folk music from my ancestors in Rättvik, Dalecarlia. It is my intention to get in touch with whom it may concern about perhaps organizing a concert together in winter/spring.

    Is there an email address I could use to contact you further with a more thorough presentation of my music? Feel free to look at my website as well.

    Best regards,

    Oskar Stenmark

  2. Wendy Chapman says:

    Hi, My son, who is a sophomore, would like to learn Swedish and possibly do an exchange in Stockholm his senior year. Do you have any Swedish classes or tutors? He is a very beginner and planning to do online things hopefully supplemented by in-person discussions. Wendy

  3. Mary says:

    Hi! We just moved to Utah from Sweden and will be here until January. Our kids don’t love the cheese here and I was just wondering if we couldnget some hushållsost somewhere?
    Mary Malm

  4. Carol Edison says:

    Hello Mr. DeYoung:

    I’m working on a book about Utah food traditions and want to include a reference to the Swedish Society’s Midsummer Celebration. I’m trying to track down information about when this event started but I’ve had no success. I’m wondering if you could help send me in the right direction to nail down this information.

    Many thanks, Carol Edison

  5. Doug Rosevear says:

    Dear Sir,

    I represent a meat company here in the valley that manufactures Swedish Hams for the Christmas season. I was wondering if there would be interest in informing your membership of this. If there is please let me know how I could go about this. (Palace Meat Co. is the name of the company.)
    Thank you for your time,
    Doug Rosevear

  6. Jody Osteyee says:

    Just checked the website for St Lucia 2016 details which are not available. Please send me the date, location and time for this years festival, or when the website will be updated with that info.

  7. David Lofgren says:

    How best may I renew my membership?

  8. Angela Shepherd says:

    If I fill out the membership form and send in my money now, it will be valid from the time I submit the form until that same time the next year, correct?

    On the form it says it is valid from Jan-Dec. If that was the case, then I should wait until January to join. ???

    Thank you,

  9. Anna-Marie Bass says:


    We would like to attend Santa Lucia on Dec. 3.
    Do we just show up or do we need to contact someone and let
    them know who many of us are coming?

    Thank you
    Anna-Marie Bass

  10. Teresa Hennigan says:

    Do you have a swedish Lucia celebration this year?

  11. Katherine Doucette says:

    I am just wondering when the Swedish Festival is this year.

  12. Adrienne Decker says:


    My name is Adrienne Decker and I serve as the folk arts coordinator for the State of Utah through the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. I am reaching out in the hope that I can learn more about the Swedish Heritage Society and if there are any of your members making traditional Swedish folk art!

    I am collaborating with the Natural History Museum of Utah to develop a small exhibit and some public programming in association with their upcoming show on Vikings:

    Are you aware of anybody in the local community who practices Swedish art forms (weaving, knitting, woodcarving), or even traditional cooking? I’d love to know about them — there will be a Scandinavian Festival at the Museum on September 23 and we’re looking for demonstrating artists and exhibitors.

    I look forward to learning more!


  13. Hi!

    My name is Marika Gougaud and I am a casting director in Sweden.
    I am emailing you in regards to our Emmy award winning TV show “ALLT FÖR SVERIGE” (English title Great Swedish adventure)

    We are very happy to announce that we are now conduction a nationwide casting for season 7. Season 6 and 5 was beyond successful we broke records in viewings.
    We are searching for Americans who badly want to find out more about their Swedish heritage and come over and be a part of an adventure that you never will forget.

    Swedes settled down all over the states when they immigrated back in the days.
    So we thought we would ask if you know any people with a little Swedish blood. We would be extremely grateful if you could either put up our flyer at your facility, forward our email, print it in a newsletter, post it on your website, or put it up on FB like social media- with other words please feel free to pass it on!

    Our deadline to apply is Feb.10, 2017. The show is shooting in the summer
    (end of May- June 2017) in Sweden.

    Go on our website to apply:

    I´m also attaching the first episode of season 3 so you get an idea what kind of show this is.

    After doing this show for 6 seasons you might be on several of our lists. We apologize before hand if you receive this email several times.

    Thank you so much for your time!
    All the best,

  14. Hello!

    I am writing to your organization to offer my services to people who may be interested in finding their Swedish family. I have been in contact with many Swedish descendants and have understood that there is a great interest in finding their roots in the old country.

    I have been a genealogist for more than 40 years and know how much time and effort it takes, and I am aware that not everyone has the desire, time or energy for it, even if they want to know more about their background. Reading the sources written in the old Swedish language can also be a barrier. I can help with all this!

    So I wonder if it’s possible that I through you can spread my contact information in some way?

    I have a web site address:

    I really hope this contact attempt doesn’t seem presumptuous, but rather can help someone to have the knowledge of a family history, perhaps longed for for many years!

    Best regards,

    Monica Fogelqvist

  15. Karen Rafferty says:

    Do you know of any Swedish language courses in the area? I am interested in learning additional Swedish to be able to translate genealogical documents.

  16. Iris Nielsen says:

    Hello! My husband and I are eagerly searching for the Kalles Kaviar we fell in love with during our most recent time in Sweden almost a year ago. Though we’ve found them online, the cost would be quite high to order from some of the shops, and a friend suggested we reach out to you to see if you had any advice! Thanks!

  17. Cherise Rodman says:

    Hi I was just curious to see if you guys were going to be putting in the midsummer festival this year for 2017? Thanks

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